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Some Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Beginner Guitar Playing Skill

Are you dreaming of playing a guitar on the great stages of the world rocking songs? Continue reading more about home guitar class Edmonton. Unfortunately, you cannot fulfill your dream because you do not have time and money, to learn guitar, or hire a guitar teacher at the Academy of Music. Many students use the term "good" to describe a guitar player. Some will even ask what does it take to become "good." Others want to make sure that they are on the road to being considered "good" by their peers. So for this article, I wanted to address: what makes a guitar player good?

It is a simple enough question that is often asked, and I finally found a guideline that provides a succinct point of view that I humbly attribute to the great studio guitarist Michael Thompson. These are the six Ts:

1. Tone is not only sounding good but making proper gear choices. Our gear speaks volumes (pardon the pun) about us as players. From the way we maintain our guitars, amps and effects to how quickly we dial in the appropriate settings for the situation we happen to be playing in. Also, there is a maturity in the way that we play the notes that goes beyond our gear that is the trademark of any good player.

2. Touch is how well we manipulate the sound out of our instruments. From digging into that single-note funk groove to muscling that slide guitar riff to lightening the touch for fast, silky passages, all with the proper use of dynamics, it all comes down to how well we know our instruments so that we can get what we need out of them when the music calls for it.

3. Taste is not only knowing when to play and what to play and how to play it but also knowing when not to play. Too many amateur players can't stop playing once they start.

4. Time is the ability to make the band sound good by playing with a metronomically even feel. It's also important to be sensitive enough to the rhythm that we can play "ahead of the beat" or "behind the beat" if the music calls for it. Being a solid rhythm guitar player will also win over bass players and drummers and these are the musicians that you want to impress. If the bass player and drummer agree that you're a good guitar player then you're a good guitar player.

5. Technique is not simply the ability to play fast, but the ability to play a part articulately and with the perfect expression. Speed is a byproduct of playing something correctly not simply regurgitating something memorized. The confidence that also occurs from playing something cleanly with expression is something that every "good" guitarist possesses.

6. Tude refers to the emphasis and accents that we put into the music. Some parts require more aggression while others need a more subtle and sensitive interpretation. Tude also has another meaning: a positive attitude.

Remember nobody likes to spend their time around us if we're constantly stressing or continuously negative. I suggest that you should print this out and focus on one point at a time. By simply doing this you'll be working on point 6. Old lions should take a personal assessment and see where they've been falling short. Also read this article: Home Guitar Lessons for Beginner

Beginner Guitar Class Edmonton

Some basic tips to start with:

  1. Learn how to properly pick up a guitar. Your right elbow should rest on the body of the guitar, giving full freedom your arm to touch the strings.

  2. Carry the guitar properly. The spike should be perpendicular to the strings about 110-120 degrees from the strings is fine.

  3. If you use an acoustic guitar, directly touches the hole in the guitar. Once you've learned a few strums, try to play closer to the bridge or neck. Have you noticed any difference in sound?

  4. Try to understand each string sound properly. Do not worry if you don't do any good when play guitar chord, just make sure you play all the strings. Want to know more about how to play guitar like a pro, must read this article: Home guitar classes in Edmonton

  5. Get your wrist free and relaxed. All movements depend on the flexibility of the wrist, especially practicing more advanced movements.

There are an endless number of strums out there, but you must learn the basics as a beginner, do not look at them until your skills do not improve. Instead, do what you feel "natural". Following a pattern very closely you can be boring and mechanical. Do not be afraid to change the pace if you feel that best fits the song.

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